Arranging sofa cushions may seem like a mundane task, but there is so much more to it than you would expect. We’ve already talked about how to buy the perfect cushions, but what is the point of owning all the best cushions if they aren’t styled perfectly to complement your home?

 Let’s dive in for some expert tips on how you can arrange the cushions on your sofa, so that they complement the room and the furniture perfectly!

Layer Up 

Cushions don’t come in singular format, they work best when placed in larger quantities. The best way to layer your cushions is to start off with some large cushions on each end of your sofa to create a strong base. These can be matching and symmetrical for a formal look or different for an eclectic aesthetic. From there you can carry on the symmetry, by building up pairs of cushions layered slightly inwards from the two outer cushions. For an asymmetrical look, you could add a couple more cushions layered on one side of the sofa, but leave the other side with just the individual cushion. This look keeps your living room looking quite casual and homely. 

Contrast is Key 

A good idea when arranging cushions is to include one completely contrasting cushion – something in an opposite colour, shape or texture to the rest of your cushions. It could be a triangular cushion among a series of formal squares, or a textured, sequined cushion among linen designs. The effect of this contrasting cushion is to it stand out and draw attention, while still being a part of the overall aesthetic. Contrast gives another dimension to your cushion setting, and can be effectively eye-catching.

Carefully Calculate Your Cushion Numbers

The number of cushions you have will directly correlate to the look and feel of your room, so think carefully when you reach this stage. If you want to have lots and lots of cushions, arrange them symmetrically, and layer them in pairs for a traditional look and feel to your room – if you choose this option it may also be good to have a storage ottoman or chest for when you actually want to sit on your furniture. Contrastingly, if you only want a select few cushions, this can be best suited to a modern, minimalist style room. If you arrange your selected seat cushions in symmetry, and there are only two or four of them, this can really help create a sleek, minimalist feel.

There is no such thing as a perfect number of cushions, but if you want to prioritise comfort and keep your home looking as homely as possible, then a good number to have is probably about five or six cushions for a three-seater couch, and only two to four on a two-seater couch. It’s probably not a good idea to put more than one cushion on a single seat chair.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold 

Cushions are the easiest way to put some colour into your living area, so don’t be afraid to bold! This can mean bright colours, interesting textures and striking patterns. Any of these - or a mixture of all of them - can make your cushion arrangement really pop. If you’ve got a subdued or monochromatic living room arrangement, try putting couch cushions that are all unique and daring in their own way; they can make the whole room come alive.

Do Whatever You Think is Right

Don’t forget that above all, your cushions, like everything up to your house, are primarily about personal preference, so if you aren’t feeling something, change it! There are no rules except what you think is best when it comes to interior decorating, because after all, you’re the one who has to live with it!


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