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  1. Style Your Bookcase like a Pro with These Homeware Hacks

    When designing your living room furniture, including a bookcase is a great idea. We teach you how to style your bookcase like a pro with some handy tips.
  2. Five Things to Consider when Shopping for Curtains

    Shopping for curtains isn’t easy, as there is a lot to consider - from buying the right curtain fabric, to making the right colour and design choices.
  3. How to Pick the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Home

    Did you know that you can buy wallpaper online? Today, we share tips on how you can choose the perfect wallpaper for your home.
  4. Five Things to Consider Before Buying Lounge Furniture

    We’ve listed some incredibly important things that you should be considering before you buy any living room furniture. Read them all and be prepared here!
  5. How to Perfectly Style the Cushions on Your Sofa

    There is so much more to arranging sofa cushions than you would expect. Today, we'll give you some expert tips to arrange the cushions on your sofa perfectly.
  6. Common Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    We discuss interior design mistakes designers know well, and how to avoid them before you even start looking at the homewares store for interior design ideas.
  7. 5 Interior Design Tips for A New Year, New Lounge!

    What does 2019 hold for your living room? Read our blog for our take on the trends set to dominate living room design this year.
  8. How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Lounge for Summer Festivities

    Get ready for summer entertaining with our guide to creating the ultimate outdoor lounge space. Get great home design ideas here!
  9. 3 On Trend Festive Interior Design Ideas for the Holidays

    The festive season is a special time – and decorating might be the best bit. Read our blog and get inspired with fresh interior design ideas for the holidays.
  10. Holiday Gift Guide – Ideas for Him, Her, and the Home

    The holidays are calling! Have you thought about gifts for your loved ones? Use our gift guide to get inspired for the holiday season, from the team at Allium Interiors.