The hardest part of interior design by far—in our opinion—can be the point where you have to design your wall. The floor is usually relatively easy, but when it comes to the wall, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of sticking to something too plain. Wallpaper changes the whole game of interior design, as it makes it so easy to add another feature element to a part of your space so often neglected. If you’re looking to find the perfect wallpaper for your space, read on! Today, we talk about the best brands to keep an eye out for.

Designers Guild Collection 

For the minimalist at heart, or a more eccentric home, Designers Guild wallpapers have got it all. This wallcovering and upholstery business has been designing lavish wallpapers since the 1970s, and has stayed true to their ethos of prioritising quality designs throughout the years. They have a commitment to trade ethically by consistently reviewing their supply chain, to ensure they are enhancing the environment for their suppliers and their customers at all times.


Designers Guild wallpapers are designed with an expert knowledge on colour and design, and as such, result in a vibrant collection with a varied palette to suit all tastes. Their range of subtle textures include watercolours and gradients. These are perfect to suit interiors that don’t want their wallpaper to be the standout feature of a room, but still retain some energy. For the dramatically inclined, their range of decadent florals can transform any space and offer the ultimate ‘wow’ factor.

Kate Spade New York Wallpaper 

Kate Spade New York is up there among the best luxury fashion houses in America, so it’s no surprise her wallpapers exude that same luxurious look. Kate Spade’s designs stand for optimistic femininity, and as a result are notoriously playful. However, they still maintain to be consistently polished and thoughtful, right up to the smallest detailing.


Kate Spade New York’s home décor range is sophisticated, yet holds that playful optimism that is seen throughout the brand. Elements of gold and silver embellishment, symmetrical patterns and calming, white space run consistent through the designs. They range from extravagant illustrations, to simple polka dots. These wallpapers are a wonderful addition to a more whimsical interior.

Cole and Son Archive 

Cole and Son have a long history as a brand of wallpaper designs. They specialise in block print and screen-printed patterns, and their collection is truly weird and wonderful. These designs have a unique flavour to them which can be attributed both to the techniques used in their production, and the detailed approach to their design. This range of wallpapers is perfect for those who are looking for a stand out feature, as the details will ensure you always have something new to discover.

House of Hackney Collection 

At first glance, the prints on these wallpapers look like any other floral designs, but if you look closer, you’ll find strange yet beautiful elements of nature among the delicate designs. A forest scene is actually a dinosaur habitat, and a floral pattern appears to be blooming some out-of-this-world species. The coolest thing about these wallpapers is that they appear perfectly unassuming, so much so that you could plaster your living room with the design, and guests would be none the wiser, unless they got right up close.

Boråstapeter Swedish Range 

As you would assume from a classic Swedish wallpaper brand, Borastapeter’s range is full of the most elegant florals you can buy in wallpapers online. Their collection features just about every species of floral you can imagine, in a palette of calming, muted tones. Their newer range features some more contemporary elements, such as cute watercolours and more artistic brush strokes within the classic patterns. For beautiful blooming roses or elegant spring blossoms these are the wallpapers to fill all your floristry interior design needs.

Christian Lacroix 

Christian Lacroix is extravagant, indomitable and unique in all of their designs. These wallpapers are bound to make a statement in any home, they have a spirited feel to them and are designed to bring about emotion in a room – whether that be curiosity, awe or even an uneasy confusion. The colour palette of these designs takes inspiration from jewel tones and muted pastels, combined to create a feel of both drama and peace at the same time. 


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