Have you done your spring cleaning? With that out of the way, it’s time to redesign your home to fit the season! Spring is a time of flowers and life; different hues of colour are usually seen during this season. The covers and curtain fabric that you buy for this season should reflect how colourful spring is. Here is a collection of different fabrics from Designers Guild and other fabric houses that are new in-season:

Designers Guild Fabric Surimono Berry – A reminder of orchids

Orchids are a sight to behold, especially when they bloom. Designers Guild’s Fabric Surimono Berry captures the magic of orchids blooming amidst a collection of green in springtime. This fabric makes you feel relaxed and inspired at the same time. Designers Guild captured that magic and reproduced it in this fabric you can use in your bedroom or living room!

Designers Guild Fabric Surimono Berry

Designers Guild Fabric Zardozi Alchemilla – Hear that buzzing?

Flowers bloom abundantly during spring, and what loves flowers more than anything? Bees! They love the nectar that flowers produce, and are also agents of pollen. Designers Guild Fabric Zardozi Alchemilla captures the complex hexagon of a beehive. While looking at them close-up in their natural habitat isn’t recommended, bees and honeycombs are definitely a part of spring—and is the inspiration behind this Designers Guild pattern.

Designers Guild Fabric Zardozi Alchemilla

Christian Lacroix Fabric Birds Sinfonia Perce Neige – A spring nest

Another sign of spring is the return of birds from their seasonal migration. Birds are the dominant pattern in this Christian Lacroix fabric. Mixed in with different botanical pieces, it creates a feeling of liveliness when used in a room - it’s a perfect piece to make into a curtain or cover for seats. Areas that could use a fabric like this are in a child’s activity room, your personal den, or a living room that doubles as an area for entertaining. Best of all, it comes in four different colours you can use to complement any room!

Christian Lacroix Fabric Birds Sinfonia

Designers Guild Fabric Tulsi Eau De Nil – A glorious mess

Have you seen the forest floor or a grassy path during spring? Leaves that have fallen during autumn and winter still litter the ground. This fabric represents the green of new life; the colours of new leaves are a fresh green compared to the tired, fading brown of the colder seasons. Featured amongst an off-white hue, this fabric is a perfect addition to green furniture, as well as a good shade for when the sun shines through the window.

Designers Guild Fabric Tulsi Eau De Nil

Bluebellgray Fabric Aria Teal – A classic

If you’d rather settle for something simple, Bluebellgray’s Aria Teal fabric is for you. While the fabric is made up of flowers, what sets Aria Teal apart is a design similar to a pattern you’d see on clothing. It’s a perfect fabric to complement the interior decoration of a living room or a bedroom with a plain-coloured wall. The static design also makes it a great fit for any bedroom or study where you can relax and unwind.

Bluebellgray Fabric Aria Teal

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