Since its foundation back in 2000, Allium has been fronting Designers Guild fabric designs with fabrics that are synonymous with creativity, innovation, and beauty. The interior design store has featured elegant designs that are used in creating sophisticated interiors through our expert use of patterns.

Do you love Designers Guild Fabric like we do? Let’s dive in and explore the five best reasons why we’re avid Designed Guild fabric fans!

They started as a fabric store with a dream

Designers Guild started in 1970 when Tricia Guild first opened the company. They designed and sold fabrics for furnishing, wall covering, bed and bath, as well as for upholstery. Tricia Guild was soon joined by her brother, Simon Jeffreys, and the company grew. Computerisation and globalisation were kind to the company as they started to branch out from the UK, taking orders and queries internationally. From London, they established stores in Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Sydney, and New York, as well as online shops catering to clients in the UK and the US.

They rose from the sheets to the streets

As Designers Guild grew in the past 20 years, the curtain fabric retailer came from earning less than £3 million initially to an astonishing £50 million. They started with local interior designers and included department stores and other retailers later on. They have also grown globally, maintaining presences in countries like France, Germany, and Italy with distribution networks scattered throughout the European continent and abroad. They also have 60 showrooms which highlight the diverse collection of in-house and client brands that they carry.

They created and invited brands

Working with everyone from homeowners to royalty, Designers Guild diversified their clients. William Yeoward, Ralph Lauren, and Christian Lacroix have become familiar names associated with the company, with the ‘Royal Collection’ becoming their most illustrious contract to date. Ralph Lauren and William Yeoward are both independent contributors; Christian Lacroix Maison was developed by Designers Guild, while the ‘Royal Collection’ represents a contract as the official interior design ideas outfitter for the Crown. John Derian, New York designers the latest to join in collaboration with Designers Guild.

They are inspired by the world

Most Designers Guild designs are sourced from everyday ideas or draw inspiration from countries around the world. They have a honeycomb pattern that suggests uniformity. They also use nature themes like leaves, birds, and flowers to lend a certain flair to different rooms. Their artistically designed fabrics are a fit for any home or office setup; a major reason why interior designers often use Designers Guild Fabric when designing their home interior.

They are an award-winning brand

The company went on to receive awards both internationally and domestically, including the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, given to businesses that are excellent international traders and espouse innovation. Designers Guild is also a recipient of the Best British Brand awarded by Elle Decoration UK in 2010, and the Microsoft Award for Best Use of Technology in 2008. To date, the company’s latest award is for the Best Wallpaper Collection from the UK Homes & Gardens magazine.

Designers Guild Fabric offers designs suited for every season and every interior design idea available. Check out our fabric store and buy Designers Guild fabric from Allium Interiors today!