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Patersonrose Lucinda Pillowcase Pair


The Lucinda pillowcases bursts with large pastel flowers. Made from 100% natural cotton.

This pillowcase set includes 2 x pillowcases.

The Lucinda flower pillowcases are spectacular. This is bursts of sunshine and hand painted flowers all in harmony. Primarily, this is a girls & adults bedding of fetching large pastel flowers on a light aqua base. For one thing, the Lucinda pillowcase is a spectacular combination of graceful colours. Think fruity floral. Starting with Raspberry red & lime green. Next, there’s burnt orange & passionfruit pink. Secondly, this is pillowcases of beautiful flowers. In a nutshell, Lucinda is our most scrumptious bed linen design to date. Indeed, a bouquet of flowers on a pillowcase The Lucinda bedding design is ideal for an adults bedrooms. Altogether stunning for any girls beds & truly fabulous for a guest bedroom or beach house. Hence, the Lucinda pillowcase is already an all round favourite.