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Spiegelau Whiskey Tumbler


Spiegelau combines over five centuries of hand craftsmanship and innovation with the most advanced modern glass making technologies and preserving the age old craft of hand blown glass. By working closely with sommeliers, chefs and consumers, Spiegelau has truly personalized the wine experience, creating a sturdy-yet-fine wine glass for every taste and need. By remaining faithful to the spirit of artisan craftsmanship and committed to innovations and technological advances in the industry, Spiegelau is able to offer a broad range of wine glasses that are both beautifully designed and resoundingly durable – in short, the best value available.

This glass is designed specifically for whiskey. The bell-shaped bowl concentrates the whiskey's aroma and the subtle lipped rim directs the flow directly to the appropriate taste buds. The glass will enhance the taste of Scotch Whiskey Blends, Irish Whiskey, and Tennessee & Canadian Bourbons.

  • sold individually
  • 112mm x 83mm dia, 340ml